Called to the Nations

Mount Zion's Missions Inc.
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Barbados, West Indies
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Welcome, to the Dynamic and phenomenal ministry at Mount Zion’s Missions, birthed out of the loins of Almighty God Himself. Here the pure Word of God is preached, His voice is heard and the raw, untouched Glory of the Living God is seen and felt by all.

We also believe that this ministry has been birthed by God to see his Kingdom established in the earth.  Therefore we truly believe that we exist to ensure that all peoples Nations and languages should serve Him and that His indestructible Kingdom and Everlasting Dominion be established in the earth.

Furthermore as kingdom ambassadors, stationed in Barbados and sent to the Nations with an Apostolic, Prophetic and Governmental anointing, we therefore commit to seeing all members of the body of Christ becoming committed Christians who are engaged members in the kingdom.  

These engaged members are more than passionate and proud, they have God’s vision always in sight and in focus and are fully involved and engaged in their local church’s missions, vision and goals.  They have the Kingdom as their priority and God’s will as their “food”, they are committed to raising up engaged members whose prayers and goals are to see God’s Kingdom come and His will be done on the earth.  

The joy of our hearts at MZM is to raise up more ministers of God who will also raise up Kingdom Citizens who are loyal, strong and spiritually committed.  In the final analysis our expectations and our goals are to see God’s church return to being what God has intended her to be, as modeled by the book of Acts church.

It is exciting to be in the kingdom in this last hour with the expectation of great and mighty things to come, we declare to you that great zeal, anticipation, expectation and excitement is upon you as God releases His power with signs and wonders in the earth.