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In 1995 the heart of God became burdened for the community of Gall Hill, Christ Church.

It was a community where drug, guns and violence were rampant, minibuses would be stopped and the bus conductors and passengers robbed daily. Parents did not allow the children to go outside and play so that they would not be shot accidentally.

In the north of the island God sent a call to his army at Mount Zion's Missions. When Apostle Lucille heard the call she asked the entire church to fast for and entire to week and to prayer for the nation. God pinpointed Gall Hill as the area that we were to evangelize

At the end of that week MZM mounted a crusade in Gall Hill, the night before the crusade was scheduled to start a young man was shot dead as he was standing at a bus stop. Church members were warned by friends and family not the go to the crusade, not to go into that community.

The night the crusade started was the night when the Gall Hill gang was getting ready for revenge on a neighboring gang. As the awesome power of God swept the place, several young men and women accepted Jesus Christ as the Lord and Saviour.

Those same young men later testified that during the previous week, they kept hearing a voice in their ears telling them to give up the guns and the drugs.

After the crusade we continued the work of rehabilitation of the people and physical surroundings. We overhauled the play park and painted some the blocks in the surrounding area.    

Today our Gall Hill ministry is entrenched in the area and has established a church there called the Peoples Village Church. The outreach programme continues every Tuesday night at 7:30pm and Sunday morning worship at the Aberdeen Jones Center right in heart of the Gall Hill Community